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Lake Thunderbird - Superama Anamorphic by Panavision

Lake Thunderbird - Superama Anamorphic by Panavision

Photographed in Superama Anamorphic by Panavision on location at Lake Thunderbird in Norman, Oklahoma.

The camera used was the Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera.  The shoot was just a random test we did while at the lake in Norman.  The lens used is a 16mm 2x Anamorphic lens that was offered by Radiant Manufacturing Corp. using the Panavision name in the 1950's and 1960's.  It could be used as a taking lense on your 16mm film camera and then used on your 16mm projector to view the film.

It is my favorite anamorphic lens that I own so it does get used often.  In future posts we will dive deeper into the history and technical aspects of the lens.

(Best viewed in 2160p 4k or 1440p HD due to YouTube's poor video compression.)
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