Tanya Roloff

When long-time friend and humanitarian Television Producer/Writer/Photographer Tanya Roloff reached out to us about her need for a professional portfolio website, we did not hesitate to get started. 

As a Television Producer/Writer and Photographer for Feed the Children since 2001, Tanya had the humbling honor of traveling to some of the poorest and most conflicted countries in the world. She has written and produced dozens of internationally-aired television programs, bringing awareness of global poverty and hunger and raising funds for the ongoing humanitarian work of one of the largest global-relief NGO’s in America.

Tanya's work has put her in some of the worst moments and places on earth – from the unthinkable and tragic disasters of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, to the war-ravaged countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone, to the chronically impoverished and struggling nations of Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. There isn’t much Tanya hasn’t seen, photographed, written, or produced a television show about—child starvation, hunger/poverty, AIDS orphans, famine, war, disaster, street children, and much more.

She has traveled well over a million miles interviewing thousands of people who perhaps would have never had the opportunity to tell their story—those without even the basic necessities of life, those who’ve lost everything, and the countless unfortunate who never even had anything to lose.

Tanya's career has also allowed her the privilege of working with some of the world’s most renowned actors, musicians, athletes, political dignitaries, spiritual leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her television programs have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in financial donations and other large offers of assistance. Her photographs have been featured on the covers of national child-advocacy magazines, have won awards for creative excellence, and have been featured in countless international and national publications for Feed the Children.

While these accomplishments have been an honor to achieve, she states "truthfully it is in the refugee camps, slums, disaster zones, inner-cities, and impoverished villages—the places of suffering, despair, hunger and seeming hopelessness—that I receive the most gratification. It is in these unimaginable circumstances that I have been changed forever … and oddly enough, where I operate at my best. I believe in callings—that we all have purposes for our lives. I believe that telling the painful stories of people and places the world would forget were it not for the medium of photography and television, is one of the purposes of my life."

It has been an honor for us to work with her and help continue her mission to help those in need around the world.  Please take a look at her website and give her a follow on social media!

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