Tamazul Photography


In 2013, I joined the Matthew Kenney team to provide photography and social media marketing for their Tamazul restaurant in Oklahoma City.

Tamazul was a plant-based, modern Mexican kitchen and mezcal bar that opened in October 2013 in the former space of Matthew Kenney's OKC raw restaurant. It offered gourmet fusion fare along with artisanal beverages.

Matthew Kenney is one of the world’s first leading chefs at the forefront of plant based cuisine, an author of 12 cookbooks and a best-selling memoir, a culinary educator, and CEO of Matthew Kenney Cuisine, a multifaceted lifestyle company specializing in plant-based cuisine throughout several unique markets. Kenney has certainly made a name for himself in the culinary world. He is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute with several awards such as America's Best New Chef from Food & Wine Magazine and two Rising Star Chef nominations from the James Beard Foundation. Currently, Kenney has 28 restaurants operating across 15 international cities on five continents, including PLANT CITY, the world's first plant-based food hall.

Below are some samples of the social media marketing produced for Tamazul.  We ran weekly contests and other marketing campaigns.

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