Lake Thunderbird - Superama Anamorphic by Panavision
Photographed in Superama Anamorphic by Panavision on location at Lake Thunderbird in Norman, Oklahoma.

The camera used was the Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera.  The shoot was just a random test we did while at the lake in Norman.  The lens used is a 16mm 2x Anamorphic lens that was offered by Radiant Manufacturing Corp. using the Panavision name in the 1950's and 1960's.  It could be used as a taking lense on your 16mm film camera and then used on your 16mm projector to view the film.

It is my favorite anamorphic lens that I own so it does get used often.  In future posts we will dive deeper into the history and technical aspects of the lens.

(Best viewed in 2160p 4k or 1440p HD due to YouTube's poor video compression.)
The Search for Endurance

The Endurance22 Expedition, which is aiming to locate, survey and film the wreck of Endurance, the lost ship of renowned polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, has departed on schedule from Cape Town, headed for the Weddell Sea in Antarctica.

The Expedition plans to be at sea for 35 days, but up to 45 days if required, and will be run from the SA Agulhas II, the South African icebreaking polar supply and research ship belonging to the South African Government and managed by the South African company African Marine Solutions (AMSOL). Dr John Shears, Polar geographer and explorer, leads the expedition and Mensun Bound, Falklands-born marine archaeologist, is Director of Exploration.

Endurance22 Expedition has located the wreck of Endurance, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship which has not been seen since it was crushed by the ice and sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915.

One hundred years after Shackleton’s death, Endurance was found at a depth of 3008 meters in the Weddell Sea, within the search area defined by the expedition team before its departure from Cape Town, and approximately four miles south of the position originally recorded by Captain Worsley.

The team worked from the South African polar research and logistics vessel, S.A. Agulhas II, owned by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment and under Master, Capt. Knowledge Bengu, using Saab’s Sabertooth hybrid underwater search vehicles. The wreck is protected as a Historic Site and Monument under the Antarctic Treaty, ensuring that whilst the wreck is being surveyed and filmed it will not be touched or disturbed in any way.

War Film 01 - Saigon 1968

In memory of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War. We honor and remember their sacrifice.

In late January 1968 the Viet Cong-North Vietnamese communist launched the Tet Offensive attacking U.S. and South Vietnamese positions across South Vietnam.

Saigon was the main focal point of the offensive, but a total takeover of the capital was not intended or feasible. They rather had six main targets in the city which 35 battalions of VC were to attack and capture: the ARVN Joint General Staff compound near Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the Independence Palace, the U.S. embassy, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, the Long Binh Naval Headquarters and the National Radio Station. Because it was Tết (the Vietnamese New Year), the sound of firecrackers exploding masked that of gunfire, giving an element of surprise to the Vietcong attacks.

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How Machine Gun Kelly and his gang kidnapped an Oklahoma oil tycoon for profit!

This film uses re-enactments and actual footage to chronicle the criminal careers and capture of George Kelly Barnes (Machine Gun Kelly) and his gang. Beginning with authentic trial scenes with footage of Kelly, and his wife Kathryn; Harvey J. Bailey, Albert Bates, Robert and Ora Shannon, and Armon Shannon, the film backtracks to tell the story of Kelly's plot to kidnap oil tycoon and businessman Charles Urschel.

Video and audio restoration with added soundtrack.

Can you build Jeremy McGrath's 2000 Yamaha YZ 250 today?

"To better understand what separates a race bike from its stock sibling we spent the day with reigning Supercross champion Jeremy McGrath and the Team Chaparral-Yamaha that prepares his YZ250."

Full prodution included concepting, editing, motion graphics, and sound design. Stunt Show

No Limit Stunt Team put on a show at Mac Park Raceway to help support Trog23 Foundation. It was alot of fun!

Music: A Faylene Sky - break your heart cover

Full prodution included video production, editing, motion graphics, and sound design.

Squirrel vs Bird

Music by Roger Miller "Chug-A-Lug"

Full prodution included video production, editing, motion graphics, and sound design.

Bath Time!!

Bath Time!! Featuring Beta Crash Hardcore! It was really just a test for my underwater housing that I received for my Contour camera and I didn't expect to ever use the video. Then I watched it and decided to cut something and put it online.

Full prodution included video production, editing, motion graphics, and sound design.

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